GAZI Suspension

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Premium quality replacement rear suspension units to suit medium to large capacity motorcycles

Setting up your Gazi Suspension

1. Setting the Spring Preload (Sag)

· Place motorcycle on a level surface.
· Check swing arm and wheel bearings/bushes to ensure there is no wear.
· Lift rear of motorcycle until suspension is completely extended.
· Take a measurement from the axle to a point directly above on the rear sub frame (A)
· Let the motorcycle down to apply it’s own weight on the suspension, measure again (B)
· Have the rider, including all riding gear, sit on the motorcycle in the usual riding position. Take another measurement (C)
· With out rider the difference should be (A -B) 6 – 12 mm.
· With rider the difference should be (A-C) 35 – 50 mm.
· To adjust the sag, winding the spring collar down will reduce the amount of sag - winding the spring collar up will increase the amount of sag.

2. Adjusting the Rebound

· Depending of the model you have, there may be adjustments for rebound and compression.
· Rebound adjustment affects the handling of the motorcycle the most.
· To start with, wind the adjustment knob below the spring, all the way in (clockwise) and then wind back 10 clicks.
· Depending on your riding style adjust as follows – If the motorcycle feels loose or bouncy, wind in (clock wise) 4 clicks and test ride. If       this feels too harsh wind back 2 clicks and check again. If it still feels loose wind in 2 more clicks
· Test ride and adjust either way to suit.

3. Adjusting the Compression

· If your shock has compression adjustment (knob on reservoir), adjust as follows.
· Wind in clockwise until it stops and then wind out 5 clicks. This is the base setting.
· If he motorcycle feels soft or bottoms out easily, increase the compression adjustment by winding in 2 clicks.
· If it feels hard over bumps, or the rear wheel tends to hop under braking then wind the adjustment out 2 clicks.
· Test ride and adjust either way to suit. 4. Setting the Ride Height · Your shock absorber will have an adjustable eye/clevis at the                 bottom.
· First undo the locking nut and then it can be wound in or out.
· Make sure that there is a minimum of 12mm of thread screwed in at all times.
· Adjusting the length of a shock can alter the handling characteristics of a motorcycle.
· By making a shock longer this can reduce the steering angle resulting in quicker steering and making the motorcycle more sensitive           (faster) to turning and less stable.
· Shortening the length can increase the steering angle which tends to slow the steering but increases stability.
· Ensure locking nut is tight before riding. 

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