Graeme Crosby Ltd - The Team

94425276 10158197101495747 8262098716094103552 n-483-677-32-714-780Graeme Crosby - (Croz)

Ex Moto GP rider for Suzuki and Yamaha factories during the early 80's "Croz" has a passion for the classic Kawasaki  Z range of bikes. He started his career as a trainee mechanic with Kawasaki NZ before venturing out into the big wide world. His loves to breath life back into this iconic model range of early Z1 Kawasaki's.  
That's him on the left talking with Phil Read (MBE)



 DSC1293-574-784Helen Crosby 

Like all businesses someone has to look after the operations, planning and all that back office function stuff. Helen is here to create a smooth weekly work flow and working environment. A tough call when you are working with the boys that only see the fun in the build jobs we do. 
 Helen has a track record in business management.
Office juniors are "Lily" and "Robbie"

tony-85-486Tony Christy

Tony is a highly experienced Motorcycle technician and engine builder having learnt his skills in the UK.   Tony works full time with us and spreads his skills between our service work and various projects and is the man for racing job's. 
That's a pint of Guinness!! (after work)