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Sir Alan Cathcart's Article on our Moriwaki Monster test.

Written by Croz on May 29th, 2020.      2 comments

Over the last few years we have built a range of Classic Superbike Replica's including my own Moriwaki but also Eddie Lawson's Kawasaki, Wayne Gardner's Z1R, Wes Cooley's Suzuki GS1000 and Freddie Spencers CB900. Now currently we are working on a 1980 Yoshimura Suzuki GS1000 Daytona winning "Croz" Superbike

Cooley  Croz GS1000 -823
20190308 141222-886


Henry Dart says ...
This is such a cool bike
Karts says ...
I have seen various motorcycle competitions, but it is my first time seeing with the classic ones. Will there be any update on future events? Last year most of the events are postponed though.


Karts --