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GRAEME CROSBY LTD -   Kawasaki Z1 Restorations and Parts supplier 

Kawasaki Z1 Restorations and Parts supplier 

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Our main business focus is on creating and or reproducing the classic and beautiful Kawasaki Z1's models. Using a mix of new old stock parts (NOS), refurbished original and high quality aftermarket components we can deliver you your dream machine.
We also specialize in creating be-spoke "one offs" and racing derivatives of the early Kawasaki 900. Replica racing machines and engine work.  


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Moriwaki Monster - An especially built replica of the 1979 World TTF1 Championship Entry (3rd place) 1979 - Limited to 10 numbered units
Crosby Moriwaki Replica - Limited Edition - #5 of 10
1981 Yoshimura Suzuki GS1000 Superbike replica
Crosby / Cooley Daytona GS1000  Superbike Replica
Moriwaki Monster - An especially built replica of the Wayne Gardner 1980 Z1-R used in the UK
Wayne Gardner Moriwaki Replica - Limited Edition - #4 of 10


New Tank, side covers and tail piece - Pre-painted (NB - No tank cap or side cover badges inc'd )
82-36010 Paint Set 1972-73 Z1 Orange / Brown
Japanese made chromed 4 x 4 muffler set
86-260 4-4 Exhaust System
High quality chrome rear fender
81-1382 Z1 - Z1000 Rear Fender
Tail light lens mounting plate and license plate holder assy
81-4511 Tail Light Assy Z1
Crank Case Bolt
81-2009 Crank Case Bolt
High quality Chrome front fender
81-1381 Front Fender Chrome
151-1160 Seat Assy Z1
151-1160 Seat Assy Z1

PROJECTS "on the Go"  Currently 

PROJECT 1 - Z1000 Kawasaki Street Fighter

Using the original Z1000 as a base we have created a powerful street fighter with attitude. Using a combination of Moriwaki and Yoshimura parts this Street Fighter is just as easy at home on normal roads but will create an exciting ride on the track as well. 

Unique features include adoption of upside down front end, alloy swing arm, tuned engine, special carburettors plus the classic colours of the original Jaffa Z1. 

PROJECT 2 - 80's Rickman Kawasaki 

Bi-Spoke build of customized Rickman Kawasaki using modern components and high tech European equipment.
A especially high tuned engine combined with the Rickman chassis promises to be a great streetfighting/crusier with attitude... Watch this space     

                          IMG 3081


PROJECT 4 - Kawasaki H2 Restoration 

Nearing completion is this 1972 Blue H2 750cc Kawasaki triple. 
A full strip and rebuild using NOS and aftermarket parts will bring this girl back to life again. The donor bike was sourced from out of the USA where they tend to be low miles and rarely used making them ideal as a starting point.    


p7 bikep8 camshaftp6 light   
p5 manbike

PROJECT 3 -  Building and Developing a Classic Suzuki XR69 Replica  

In 2014 we bought a Nigel Everett produced replica Suzuki XR69 for a client. Despite the original intention of displaying it and riding it ocassionally things soon began to change. we began to transform this collectors piece to an active Post Classic racer. A new GSX1100 4 valve engine was built fitted to the chassis. After using a dyno to check power and carburettor settings it was off to the track for testing. This is a continuous ongoing development process as we race prepare for Post Classic events around the World.

IMG 3010    11


PROJECT 5 - Bringing life back to a 1973 Kawasaki Z1    

We bought a donor bike back from the USA, it was a sad case but after a thorough make-over and lots of parts and labour here it is. Beautiful as they were when they were new. 6 months after starting the project it emerged from the workshop in this fresh state.        

    IMG 2003







Remembering the past and recalling what great times back when you were riding those production bikes in the 70's and 80's . Now you can once again experience those times with out doing the hard work . We provide the know-how, parts and products to make this achievable for you. 

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Over the the last five years we have developed good supply line of parts for Kawasaki and Honda classic's. Both OEM and reproduction parts are now available to assist in breathing life back into the old classic Z1's and CB750's.

Both Kawasaki and Honda's have been in my blood for many years and to do what I am doing now is fantastic, its better than just having fun. When the finished projects are ridden out the door I feel proud to have been a large part of re-creating history and adding more classic Japanese bikes onto the road for the owners enjoyment.       

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Kawasaki   Z1, Z1-A, Z1-B, Z900 Z1-R, H2, H1, S2, S1
Suzuki       RG500, T500
Yamaha    RD350, TZ350 TZ750   






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